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Updated in March 2014

UN-OCEANS Task Force on Post-Tsunami Response

Lead Agency: UNESCO - IOC (Focal Point: Patricio Bernal)
Participating Agencies: UNEP / GPA, FAO, World Bank, WMO, IMO, UNDP, UN-DOALOS

Objective 1. To coordinate the contributions of UN-OCEANS agencies in support of the establishment of an early warning system in the Indian Ocean.
Activities: UNESCO - IOC will regularly inform UN-OCEANS agencies on the outcomes of relevant meetings, and solicit input on contributions from Task Force participants to advance the implementation of the warning system.
Towards the Establishment of a Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System for the Indian Ocean. This site, launched on Tuesday 10 February 2005, is intended to keep you informed about the progress in developing a Regional Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System for the Indian Ocean. You may subscribe to this site to receive emails of new content.
Post-Tsunami Field Surveys

Objective 2. To provide technical assistance to affected countries through the development of Key Principles for Reconstruction in affected coastal areas based on Integrated Coastal Management approaches.
Activities: UNEP/GPA will coordinate the implementation of an action plan for the application and, in close cooperation with World Bank, development of the proposed guidelines for reconstruction, as well as additional targeted guidelines on coastal and oceans aspects, including possibly fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, water supply and sewage collection, and treatment, coastal engineering, livelihood, ports management, etc, that may be developed by other members of UN-OCEANS.
UNEP Asian Tsunami Disaster Site
World Bank Tsunami Recovery Activities
Coastal Zone Rehabilitation and Management in the Tsunami Affected Region 17th February 2005, Cairo, Egypt.
Key Principles to Guide the Reconstruction of Coastlines Affected by the Tsunami

Objective 3. To act as a clearinghouse mechanism providing information on the various post-event assessments.
Activities: The Task Force will compile directory-type information on the various post-event assessments related to natural resources, socio-economic, livelihoods, and sectoral aspects of ocean and coastal areas that are being implemented by UN agencies, programmes, and other UN-OCEANS partners. FAO will develop a clearinghouse mechanism on the UN Atlas of the Ocean for this information.
List of UN-OCEANS Partners sites on Tsunami-related activities :

Objective 4. To coordinate inputs to the ICP and the annual report of the Secretary-General on oceans and law of the sea on this issue.
Activities: UN-DOALOS will coordinate inputs for all necessary inter-agency reporting activities.